About Us

We develop user-friendly software and systems to solve complex problems for high-tech industries and laboratories.

We place strong emphasis on the impact of the topics we work on. We primarily focus on decarbonization, health improvement, production relocalization, and physical experimentation topics.

A Unique Commitment but Shared Values


It is important for GEMESIS to deliver high-quality, sustainable systems for companies or laboratories working to improve the environment, health, or scientific research. Our work must have meaning for all employees. Each employee can choose not to work on a project that does not align with their values. Our RSE charter is our cornerstone in the company culture and the values we stand for.

More Information

Our main markets are hydrogen systems, electric motors, mechatronics, batteries, microfluidics, and semiconductors.

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Test Bench

If you want to set up an experiment or test bench, contact us.

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If you need a turnkey software or assistance with National Instruments technologies, such as LabVIEW, VeriStand, TestStand, SystemLink, LabVIEW G Web, contact us.

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If you want to train your employees on Hydrogen technologies, National Instruments technologies such as LabVIEW, VeriStand, TestStand, SystemLink, LabVIEW G Web, contact us

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If you want to industrialize your product, contact us.

Maintenance and Services

If you want to find out about our maintenance and service offerings.

Our partners, consortia, and clusters.

We are in good company.

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Useful information​

Adresse of Gemesis 49, avenue Rosa Parks – 69009


Acces :  A6, Exit #35 « Ecully »

Delivery address : 7, allée Marius Donjon – 69009


TCL C6, 10, 10E et 89 depuis Gare de Vaise &

Gorge de Loup, Stop« Echangeur Sauvegarde »

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Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about our job opportunities.