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To achieve the goals of the energy transition, several countries including France are currently interested in the production and use of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen.

Hydrogen represents a potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, there are still many challenges to be met. There are several ways to produce and use hydrogen.

​GEMESIS, along with its partners, has expertise in several technologies related to the hydrogen sector and can assist you in the realization of:

We have been able to work on several components and systems:

  • MEA
  • Bipolar Plate
  • Valve and Solenoid Valve
  • Fuel Cell PEM and SOFC
  • High-pressure component 875 bars 
  • Tanks
  • Component (passive and active humidifiers, HVAC, turbo, H2 circulator, FCCU)
  • EIS and Impedance Spectroscopy

We have knowledge of functional testing, stack conditioning or activation, overpressure, sealing and leak test.