The other challenge of the energy transition

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To accelerate decarbonization, and thanks to the improvement of energy storage systems, electrification is a rapidly growing sector.

The electrification of vehicles through electric motors is causing changes in all sectors of activity, such as automotive, railway, maritime, aerospace, and even space with the progressive replacement of chemical propulsion engines with plasma engines.

For us, it is important to focus our workload on sectors that allow us to decarbonize the environment, improve health, or promote "better living together."

This is the reason for our development of expertise around the themes of storage, electrification, biotech, and local industrialization. Aware that electrification and new technologies are not the only topics our society must face, we humbly try to focus our engineering on improving products.

We strive to improve quality through measurements and tests that allow for a thorough understanding. Simulation and HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) benches make it possible to limit material, reduce costs, and accelerate development. Our goal is to give our clients the possibility to focus on their value-added development of disruptive technologies. 

We can work on various components of electrification, and we have expertise in the following areas:​

• Load simulations
• Electric motor testing, such as WLTP, Mapping tests
• Testing of controllers: BMS, ECU, FCCU
• Testing of mechatronic components and regulation systems: solenoid valves, cooling circuit, pumps, sensor regulators.