Technical assistance

We have the ability to provide turnkey systems, but if you require additional support for your team, we offer a negotiated daily rate  to assist you in the development of your systems, test benches, software, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your challenges. We can assist you on the following topics: 

  • Microfluidic system integration.
  • Microfluidic component testing.
  • Hydrogen system integration.
  • Hydrogen component testing.
  • Test bench design and development.
  • Mecatronic system integration.
  • Mecatronic component testing.
  • Software development using LabVIEW / Python / TestStand / VeriStand / FPGA / RT.

Project management

Depending on the relevance of the topic, GEMESIS can assist its clients in industrial project management, mainly in the design and implementation of testing and trial equipment. We can provide services as well as support to existing teams.

We can assist our clients in implementing R&D or industrialization project management.

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Team management

GEMESIS provides support to various clients by assisting software development teams or system design engineering departments, on a temporary basis during an employee's departure or on a long-term basis by working multiple days per week.

It is possible to adjust the amount of time and find an intelligent and flexible way to provide relevant support to team management or organization.​

We also assist in the implementation of continuous improvement and continuous integration tools. Our network of partners enables us to work on specific topics or strengthen competencies in various fields.
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