GEMESIS becomes a member of CARA.

The performance of transportation systems will be crucial in the years to come, both to ensure competitive and sustainable economic development and to reduce the impact of mobility on the environment. It is in this context that CARA supports its members.

Our initiatives focus on innovation in people and goods transportation systems: vehicle development, new transport organizations, ITS, mobility services, autonomous vehicles, energy mix, flow management, safety, decision support tools, and more.

CARA, the European Cluster for Mobility Solutions, brings together 430 members: industrial companies, transport operators, research and training centers. CARA is labeled as a Cluster by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and a Competitiveness Cluster, and represents the PFA Automotive and Mobility Industry..

For GEMESIS, being a member of CARA is important. CARA is an active cluster in the decarbonization of mobility. It allows for technological monitoring and animates the regional ecosystem.

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GEMESIS becomes a member of CARA.
Samuel GUESNE 28 November 2022
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